Torpedo Drive

I'm looking for my fastest flash drive, a bright blue torpedo shaped thing that Charlotte keeps ‘borrowing'.

I can't find it anywhere, and she's at school, and I text her asking if she's got it and that if she has she needs to *bring it back this PM please xx*. The chipset drivers for this new motherboard I'm installing just aren't working, and it's getting on my nerves, and I swear there's newer drivers on that little blue torpedo so I head into Charlotte's bedroom just to have a quick glance to see if it's there...

...and when I open the door I spot Mo's rocking horse parked right by the wardrobe. It looks like it's staring directly at me, empty eye sockets and all. An entire row of Mo's old glass medicine bottles are lined up across the length of the windowsill, with the peacock wicker chair parked near the corner of the room at the foot of Char's bed like the dirty nest of some horribly mutant bird…


…and I feel a chill flickering, and forget what the hell I'm even doing in there, and pull my phone out of my back pocket and text Charlotte again:

*Why the hell did u get all of Aunt Mo's stuff down?*

She texts back in a flash, like she's had this queued for a while: *i didn't Dad. u did?! i just dragged them into my room!??!*.