The Crash

Case Number:
Case Status: Open
Reporting Officer: Officer Yama
Police Report
On the 13th of April 2019 at approximately 23:40 hours Officer was assigned to Dist 11 Response vehicle. Officer at that time (Officer Yama) was notified via radio by central dispatch of an emergency call at the location of the Cronus Motorway. Officer was also informed by central dispatch that an unidentified male using an unregistered mobile phone had reported the car crash.

On arrival at the scene Officer Yama found an abandoned vehicle. The vehicle had sustained severe damage from what appears to be a collision with an emergency phone box located near the junction leading to The Actory Hospital. The emergency phone box was observed to be crushed beneath the vehicle. Physical evidence observed at the scene indicates there was both a passenger and a driver in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Neither the passenger nor driver could be located at or near the scene. After a registration check on the vehicle Officer Yama determined that the sedan was registered to a John Sykes. Charlotte Sykes was also listed as a provisional driver of the vehicle.

Evidence List
Front Driver's Seat:
· 1x mobile phone (partially crushed).
· 1x wallet.
· 1x watch, stopped.
· 1x Black King Chess Piece.

Front Passenger's Seat:
· 1x mobile phone
· 1x purse.
· 1x lipstick.
· 1x SmartPay toggle.
· 1x White Pawn Chess Piece.