Losing Your Bottle

Charlotte picks up the corked bottle. Her mouth hinges open with the shock of it.
"Well that feels weird," she says.
She looks at me. I shrug.
"That feels....wrong," she head-tilts as she puts the bottle back down on the kitchen table. She rubs her hands as if the bottle has secreted something.
"Why is it so light? Is that some special type of glass or something?"
"No idea."
Char picks it up again and turns it around in her hands. "So weird."
"I thought it would be perfect for you to draw. There's a few others."
"Where did you get it?"
"It was in one of Mo's boxes. There's a whole load of stuff. Chess pieces, more bottles, good stuff for your still life class. Do you want anything else? You were talking about light, reflections..."
Char puts the bottle right up to her eye and looks at me through it. Her eye is huge. Elongated. "Dad?" she says. "You look weird."
"So do you."
She puts the bottle down again and leans towards me. "Whoa. Now you look even weirder."